Yelp Top Eco-Friendly Picks for Earth Day 

Yelp has compiled a collection of highly-rated eco-friendly businesses for Earth Day, 

 including vegan and locally-sourced restaurants, second-hand stores, recycled bookshops, and sustainably-focused nurseries.

Examples of eco-friendly restaurants highlighted include Kitchen Sync in Greenville, SC; 

 Crema Coffee Roasters in Nashville, TN; and Reverie Cafe + Bar in Minneapolis, MN.

 Examples of second-hand and thrift stores featured include Kindred Homestead Supply in Vancouver, WA, and Thriftology in Palm Desert, CA.

Yelp's eco-friendly business attributes, introduced in 2022 in partnership with Plastic Pollution Coalition, are being utilized by thousands of businesses,

 with attributes such as reusable tableware, plastic-free packaging, and compostable containers being highlighted.

 Yelpers have written thousands of reviews for parks, hiking trails, beaches, and lakes, showcasing a celebration of the great outdoors on Yelp.

 Business owners can visit Yelp's Sustainability Resource Hub for tips and resources on incorporating eco-conscious practices into their businesses.

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