Han Solo Secret Father Revealed in Empire Strikes Back Draft

The original draft of The Empire Strikes Back featured a different storyline for Han Solo.

Han Solo's stepfather, Ovan Marekal, was a powerful figure in the galaxy.

 In the original script, Luke Skywalker would meet his father's Force ghost and discuss his sister, Nellith.

The iconic line "I am your father" was absent from the original draft.

 Han Solo's journey in the original script involved meeting his stepfather to save the Rebel Alliance.

Ovan Marekal, Han's stepfather, was in charge of the Transport Guild, a powerful entity in the galaxy.

 Marekal was set up to be a major player in Return of the Jedi but was ultimately cut from the final draft.

 Han Solo's parentage and references to his stepfather were removed from the final script.

Disney's recent canon has named Han's father as "Ovan" in the Han Solo & Chewbacca comic series.

 Small references to the original concepts from The Empire Strikes Back can be found in modern Star Wars.

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