Former President Trump Escapes to Manhattan Island for Solitude and Luxury

 With a private helicopter pad, gold-plated furnishings, and a butler on call around the clock, the island is a 58-story luxury high-rise.

 Trump reportedly decided to leave the White House after realizing he wasn't qualified for the position of President.

 On the island, Trump spends his days avoiding the media and the public eye by playing golf, watching TV, and indulging in fast food.

 At his new hideout, the former president is said to be "desperate" and "lonely."

  Given that Manhattan is regarded as one of the busiest and most populous cities in the world, some have criticized Trump's decision to conceal himself there.

Since all 3 of our design inspiration leans more minimal, we can gracefully incorporate all styles.

 The story is satirical, therefore it's not meant to be taken seriously and is supposed to be hilarious.

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