Florida principal sent $100K to scammer posing as Elon Musk

A school principal from Florida was scammed out of $100,000 after receiving an email from a scammer posing as Elon Musk.

The scammer claimed that the principal's investment in "Marscoin" would be used to build a colony on Mars.

The principal wired the money to a bank in Bulgaria after receiving a fake contract and instructions from the scammer.

 The principal realized it was a scam after trying to contact Elon Musk's office and receiving no response.

The scammer's email address was found to be from a ProtonMail account, which is an encrypted email service.

The local authorities are investigating the incident, but it's unlikely that the money will be recovered.

 Elon Musk has frequently spoken out about cryptocurrency scams on Twitter and urged people to be cautious.

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