By Umesh

 ₹50 Crores Per Film Post Gadar 2 Triumph, KRK Spills the Beans

By Umesh

 Sunny Deol film Gadar 2 was a huge success at the box office, grossing over ₹400 crores.

 Following the success of Gadar 2, KRK, a self-proclaimed critic, claimed that Sunny Deol had increased his fees to ₹50 crores per film.

 KRK claim has not been verified by Sunny Deol or his representatives.

 However, it is not uncommon for actors to increase their fees after a successful film.

 This is because the actor's market value increases after a hit film.

Sunny Deol is a popular and successful actor, and it is likely that his fees have increased in recent years.

 However, it is impossible to say for sure whether or not his fees have increased to ₹50 crores per film.

 Only Sunny Deol and his representatives know the true amount of his fees.

 The success of Gadar 2 has certainly put Sunny Deol in a strong bargaining position when it comes to negotiating his fees for future films.

 It will be interesting to see how much he charges for his next film.