Most Expensive house in US


April 05th, 2023

1. Mansion in California 

 Located in Bel Air, California, a $500 million mansion is the most expensive home in the Country. It contains 4 swimming pools, a 40-car garage, 21 bedrooms, and 42 bathrooms.



 This estate in Los Angeles, California, at $225 million, is the second most expensive home. It has a main house, a guest house, and a caretaker's house, and it is situated on 25 acres of ground.

2. In Los Angeles


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 A $195 million mansion in New York City, New York, ranks third on the list of pricey homes. It includes eight levels, fifteen bedrooms, and a ballroom that can hold one hundred fifty people.

3. In New York


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 A mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, at $185 million, is the fourth most expensive home. It contains a 2-lane bowling alley, 12 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms in total.

4. In Greenwich


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Located in Palm Beach, Florida, a $160 million residence is the fifth most expensive home. It boasts a 70,000-gallon pool, 18 bathrooms, and 11 bedrooms.

5. In Greenwich

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