White Gen Z Has All of a sudden Found AAVE.

 I was going through my Twitter feed, a post from SocialBee titled "Expressions That Gen Z Coined" stopped me in my tracks.

 In their blog post, which was seen by one Twitter user, they claimed that Gen Z had compiled a list of words.

 Those were stolen from the AAVE dictionary. We are aware that "Gen Z" in popular culture refers to young, white people

 McDonalds autumn menu has an 80s style cheeseburger

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 On its website, the social media management company offers a number of blogs.

 We are aware that when people refer to "Gen Z," they are primarily referring to young white people.

 since they understand how engaging it makes their material and storytelling,"

According to a tweet by user Kaysen, several non-Black creators have adopted a darker AAVE to increase views.

Within ten years, the U.S. Air Force hopes to phase down the F-22 Raptor

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