Wedding photos reveal shocking truth about groom: 'He is a liar'

  woman named Heather, who is a mom and TikToker, posted a video of her wedding photos and it gained a lot of attention on the platform

 In the video, Heather scrolls through the photos and notices that in a group shot with her, the groom, and

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 Heather jokes that this means she is getting a "sister wife," but explains in the video's caption that the bridesmaid in question was just nervous, unstable in her heels, and had had too much wine.

 However, other TikTokers did not believe this explanation and thought the situation seemed suspicious. In a follow-up video,

 the couple explains that the bridesmaid is just a friend and that she lost her balance when the photographer asked the group to strike a silly pose.

 Heather later posted a video from the photo shoot to prove to TikToker viewers what actually happened.

 Despite the viral attention the video received, Heather and her husband Travis' relationship remains strong.

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