The NFL community responds to the quarterbacks shamefully poor interception

 Every quarterback in football, regardless of level, occasionally throws an interception. These types of errors are common in sports and are often nothing to be ashamed of. Drew Lock's interception,

 The final preseason game between the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys, though, was absolutely awful on Friday.

 During the second quarter of Seattle's 27-26 loss to the Cowboys, the Seahawks were near midfield when Lock stepped back for a first-down pass.

 After a brief pause in the pocket, Lock turned and threw to the flats to his left. Nahshon Wright, a Dallas Cowboys receiver, was Lock's intended recipient of the pass,

 who made what was possibly the most straightforward interception of his life. Penny Hart was the target Lock was aiming for.

 This quarterback's interception could be the worst we've seen from an NFL quarterback all year, despite the fact that the regular season hasn't yet begun.

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