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Har Ghar Tiranga

Har Ghar Tiranga
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Har Ghar Tiranga
Campaign , India 75th Indepence Day 


 75th Independence Day on 15 August 2022 

 India is celebrating 75th Independence Day on 15 August 2022 as this is the historic day when India got independence from the British rulers.

25 sep, 2020

 How to Make Tiranga as your Instagram/ Facebook Profile Picture

 open the Instagram/ Facebook 
 you have to click on that link
 you have to put your stories/ reels

 Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign Anthem Released, Well-known Celebrities in it

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 PM Modi Instructs to use National Flag as Profile Image

 Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign Post Office Department Involvement

 No other flag may be flown at the same height than the Indian flag
No one is permitted to fly the flag on trains

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