Statement from President Joe Biden on the Occasion of Ramadan

 President Biden extends warm greetings to Muslims in the United States and around the world on the occasion of Ramadan.

 He acknowledges that Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal, self-reflection, 

 and devotion to faith, and that it provides an opportunity for individuals to deepen their relationships with family and friends, 

 and to serve their communities and those in need.

 • The President recognizes the resilience and strength of the Muslim American community, and highlights their contributions to the United States.

 • He condemns hate and bigotry directed towards Muslim communities, and affirms his commitment to combatting Islamophobia

 and affirms his commitment to combatting Islamophobia and promoting religious freedom for all.

The President acknowledges the challenges faced by Muslim communities during the COVID-19 pandemic,

 , and encourages vaccination and adherence to public health guidelines.

He expresses his hope that this Ramadan will bring peace, healing, and unity to all those observing it.

 President Biden ends the statement with the traditional Ramadan greeting, "Ramadan Kareem."

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