"Southwest Airlines faces lawsuit for refusing refunds after meltdown"


 A passenger of Southwest Airlines is suing the company for failing to provide refunds to travelers after its operational meltdown last week.

 Southwest canceled over 14,500 flights between December 23rd and 28th, and the passenger,


 whose flight was also canceled, is accusing the airline of violating its contract and federal law by "failure to provide prompt refunds for canceled flights."

 The passenger, who was supposed to travel from New Orleans to Portland with his daughter on December 27th, claims that he was not rebooked on another flight or refunded.

mickey gilley

 He is now seeking damages for all Southwest passengers whose flights were canceled and


  were not booked on alternative flights, refunded for their fares, or reimbursed for other travel expenses. 

 Southwest has declined to comment on the pending litigation.

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