Mcdonald's CEO makes a huge political explanation

 Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald's, is deeply concerned about the rise in violence in Chicago

 Stating it is having an effect on the company's restaurants and making it more difficult to hire corporate personnel.

 He also looked for one specific exemption for people who sell bread by the loaf in that bill. 

 That measure contains several number of intricate exemptions that apply to those franchises with more than 100 locations.

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 McDonald's sells more than 75 burgers every second and has 62 million people visiting their stores each day.

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 Over the past six months, McDonald's stock has increased 13%.

 Wednesday speech at the Economic Club of Chicago, Kempczinski declared that crime is "seeping into every nook of our city."

 In addition to experiencing homelessness, there is violent criminality occurring in our eateries. In our restaurants, drug overdoses are occurring, he claimed.

 On Wednesday, McDonald's revealed plans to build an innovation centre at its Chicago headquarters.

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