Here's Your Love It or List It Update

 Love It or List, It has been an HGTV since 2008, but since the last new episode premiered in January 2019,

 The show has been met with public outcry .fans have been begging for more.

  show's 14th season brought in more than 25 million viewers who love watching designer Hilary Farr 

 and real estate expert David Visentin guide homeowners through difficult decisions 

 fans of this show's Love it Or Instagram account have been teasing the news with 

Its followers and were met with a flurry of comments 

  "Looking at the new season! I love seeing how Hillary reimagines the home spaces and seeing the properties that David finds.

 But I think they will usually List it!"

 Arch Manning, the top recruit overall in the 2023 class, is anticipated to commit to the Texas Longhorns. 

 However, he is currently in his last year of high school football at Isidore Newman. 

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