F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet Breaks Sound Barrier In Epic Fly-By At Sea

 Onlookers gather on deck at sea, phones, and cameras at the ready. The crowd is clearly anticipating the arrival of something in the sky above.

 Still, a significant distance away, we see a vapor cloud appear around an F-35 Lightning II fighter jet

 we look a vapor cloud appears around an F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, indicating humid conditions low in the sky and near the water

  sound of the jet soars by as a jet has passed and the shock wave,then the aircraft's engines are audible when we look at it and the shock wave, trailing behind it, crosses their location.

 Then the aircraft zooms by faster than the speed of sound.

 2022 QO31 Astroid will come towards the Earth Today at a velocity of 30,420 km/h.

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