EA warns that over half of corrupted 'Madden NFL 23' save files are unrecoverable

 EA's Madden NFL 23 has had a major issue with corrupted save files. Players reported difficulties logging into their Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) leagues on December 26,

 and while EA claimed to have patched the bug and restored the service during maintenance, many users found that their save files had been corrupted. 

 EA has announced that it is currently only able to recover around 40% of the corrupted franchises,

 meaning that over half of the lost CFM leagues will have to start again from scratch. It is unclear why more than half of the saves were unrecoverable,

 but some speculate that the data storage issue and subsequent server maintenance caused the data loss. 

 However, players who did not try to log in between 2:45 pm EST on December 28 

 and 12:45 am EST on December 29 (the maintenance window) should not be affected.

 Many Madden NFL 23 players consider franchise mode to be the best part of the game, and are disappointed by this development.

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