Dozens of tree species face extinction from insects, study says: research

 Dozens of  United States tree species that are in Danger of Becoming extinct , according to a recent Study.

According to the study published Tuesday in Plants People Planet. 

The research, conducted over five years by the Morton Arboretum, Botanic Gardens Conservation International and Nature Serve, found most of the health assessments were outdated 


 Based on A study released in Plants People Planet on Tuesday. Most health assessments, according to research done over five years by the Morton

 Up to 100 native tree species in the lower 48 states are in danger of extinction, including 17 species of oaks, 29 species of hawthorns, redwoods, black ash, and whitebark pine.

 Adding native tree species to our gardens will also be beneficial, according to Westwood. We have a small window to act that is swiftly closing.


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