Avocados disturbing effects

 Avocados seem like it's good benefits, You're heard that avocados are supposedly the reason that millennials are killing the housing industry

 Avocados harm ecosystems, hypersensitivity, Pregnant and Breastfeeding Wome,

   The cost of an avocado is much higher than the US$1.50 you pay for extra guacamole.

 North America and the UK don't produce Avocados, thus they are imported. 

 Avocados need a lot of water, and California's drought and heatwaves, make it tougher to cultivate the fruit.

  Avocado makes two components called Estragole and Anethole, which can cause damage to your liver.

 If you are effect by hypersensitivity, then avocado is another thing you should avoid.

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