Why do North Koreans resent the "plump", well-dressed daughter of Kim Jong Un?

  A rocket made using 3D printing technology was launched but did not achieve its intended altitude.🚀

  The rocket was designed and launched by the Rocket Crafters Inc. company.

  The rocket was powered by a patented hybrid rocket engine technology that uses plastic as fuel.

  The launch was partially funded by the Space Florida organization.

   The way it's being built, on a test flight with nothing except the company's first metal 3D print from six years ago, 

Andrew Lounge space science commentator and local astronomer tells us why the rocket probably failed well, It looks like the second phase.

  A common failure with the rocket failed to ignite completely which is quite interesting in its own way 

 making it difficult to know the true opinions of its citizens.

The story notes that resentment towards Ju-ae could indicate broader dissatisfaction with the regime among North Koreans.

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