An inflection point for GOATs: Please quiet quit these 'banished words' moving forward

 The faculty of Lake Superior State University in Michigan has released a list of words that it believes should be removed from our vocabulary due to misuse, overuse, or uselessness

  The list includes "GOAT" (an acronym for "greatest of all time"), "inflection point," "quiet quitting," "gaslighting," "moving forward," "amazing," "does that make sense?," "irregardless," "absolutely,"

 and "it is what it is." The faculty received over 1,500 nominations for the list from people in the US and other countries,

 , with "GOAT" being the most commonly nominated word. 

 The faculty argues that the term is overused and that it is impossible to determine a single "greatest of all time" as someone else may come along in the future.

 Other words on the list were deemed to have lost their literal meanings due to overuse. 

 The university has been creating a list of banished words every year since 1976

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