"24/7 Work = $50/Hour at McDonald's? This Employee's Manager Made It Happen - Click for the Inside Scoop!"

 According to Business Insider, the labor shortage in the United States is likely to worsen due to lower immigration

 and an aging population, despite the recession. As a result, employers are going to great lengths to retain their employees, including offering higher wages. 

 A TikToker named @slaytok1 shared in a video that his employer at McDonald's offered his employees $50 per hour to work on a particular day due to staff shortages. 

 Many viewers were excited about the prospect of earning such a high hourly wage, with some saying they would work all 24 hours 

 and others even suggesting they would sleep in the store to provide 24-hour service. 

 delivery service

 However, others pointed out that the store could afford to pay its employees more on a regular basis, rather than only offering higher wages in times of staff shortages.

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 Business Insider also noted that McDonald's employees in Denmark receive a minimum wage of $20 per hour and five days of paid vacation, yet the cost of a Big Mac remains similar in both countries.

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